THE SQUIR-REL. by Anonymous

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"Squir-rel, squir-rel, brown and brisk,
High a-bove me in the tree,
I can see you bound and frisk,
I can see you peep at me.
"Squir-rel, squir-rel, you can play;
Mer-rier beast is none than you;
Yet you are not only gay,
You are wise and mer-ry too.
You can play till sum-mer's o'er,
And the nuts come fall-ing free,
Then to hoard your win-ter store
You are busy as a bee.
"Squir-rel, squir-rel, I would bound
Gai-ly at my sports as you,
And, like you, I would be found
Care-ful for the fu-ture too."

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